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Antifreezing and Emergency Measures for Pear Trees

Low temperature and late spring cold will do some harm to the body of all kinds of fruit trees, lead to disease of the tree body, and affect the growth and yield of fruit trees. At present, most fruit tree varieties have sprouted, pumped or flowered and fruited, and their roots have begun to move. At this time, freezing injury at low temperature will lead to freezing death of fruit buds, freeze-drying of new shoots and buds, loss of water in branches and vines, which will cause the death of the whole plant in serious cases, and bring great losses to the production of various fruit trees. It is particularly important to do a good job of orchard freeze prevention and post-disaster remediation.

Prevention of Frozen Damage to Pear Trees at Flowering Stage

1. White trunks in early spring. Whitening pear trunk with whitening agent in early spring can effectively reduce the absorption of solar heat energy, delay flowering, prevent cold and freeze, and prevent pest eggs on branches and trunks.

2. Irrigation before flowering and sprinkling during flowering. Irrigation 10 days before flowering of pear trees in spring could significantly reduce surface temperature and delay germination. Irrigation before the arrival of late spring cold can increase the surface temperature and prevent and reduce frost damage. When frost comes, water spraying can be used to improve local microclimate, raise temperature and prevent frozen flowers.

3. Pear orchard smoking. During the flowering period of pear trees, smoke can be used to prevent frost. Smoke agent can be placed in 3-4 stacks per mu and placed evenly in the upper limelight or orchard. When the temperature in the orchard drops to -2 C, the smoke can be ignited and released.

4. Spraying fruit tree antifreeze. The antifreeze effect of fruit spraying tree is excellent 1-2 days before the cold of late spring and the coming of late frost.

5. Ignite orchards antifreeze candles. Before frost occurs, buy a large amount of orchards antifreeze candles and arrange it between pear trees. We are a professional antifreeze candle factory. If you don't know how to arrange orchards antifreeze candles, please feel free to contact us.

Remedial measures for pear trees after freezing injury

1. Do a good job of pest control. After freezing, the tree is weak, and its resistance to diseases and insects is reduced. It is easy to cause disease and insect damage. It is the focus of frozen orchard work. It is necessary to spray pesticides in time to prevent and control black star disease and other hazards.

2. Delay flower thinning and fruit thinning and supplement pollination. When the pear tree is stable, it should be rationally reserved according to the damage of the tree body, fruit setting and tree vigor. The newly flowering pear trees should be supplemented with pollination in time to increase fruit setting rate.

3. Reasonable pruning. For the lightly damaged fruit trees, the frozen dead branches are cut off, the slow-release branches and various lengthening branches are truncated to the parts where the vigorous branches can be extracted, and the severely frozen trees are truncated to the strong parts of perennial branches, which are reshaped after sprouting and sprouting new branches.

4. Strengthen fertilizer and water management. After frozen fruit trees, fertilizer and water management should be strengthened, combined with watering and fertilization, tree nutrition should be supplemented, fruit load should be reduced, so as to restore tree vigor as soon as possible, focusing on the topdressing of quick-acting fertilizer and foliar fertilizer spraying.

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