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How Fruit Trees Prevent Frost and Cold?

Physical methods have the following points

(1) Covering straw and leaves between rows of fruit trees can not only preserve soil moisture, but also improve soil temperature.

(2) The mulching method of laying plastic film in the diameter range of 1 meter around fruit trees;

(3) Before winter, the root system backing up soil method was used to improve soil for fruit trees by 15 cm in combination with winter tillage.

(4) Before the arrival of the freeze, wrap the main trunk or branch with straw rope or wrap the trunk with straw bundles.

(5) The method of removing snow from trees in time after heavy snow.

Ecological law is a method to improve the ecological environment of fruit trees and prevent frost damage at low temperature through certain measures.

(1) Irrigation and freeze-proof method, when the soil is frozen at night and diurnal before freezing, can be used to irrigate fruit trees in winter and spring, prevent spring drought, promote the growth and development of fruit trees, and can store temperature by water, so as to keep the ground temperature relatively stable during the cold winter period, thereby alleviating frost damage.

(2) Smoke and antifreeze method, which should be used at the coldest night in winter. Sawdust, chaff and crushed straw are the best fuels. Around 12:00 midnight, light the fire, pay attention to control the fire, dark fire smoke is appropriate. Generally, every 667 square meters orchard can be lit 3 to 4 points of fire, so that the smoke completely covered the orchard. According to the determination, the smoking method can generally increase the temperature by 3-4 C.

(3) Windbreak can also be built. Using windbreak forest to improve microclimate of orchard, reduce wind speed and restrain drought can alleviate frost damage.

Chemical method sprays chemical agents with certain functions before freezing injury, delays the flowering period of fruit trees, increases the concentration of sap, and so on, so as to enhance cold resistance. Spraying naphthalene acetic acid solution in early spring can delay the flowering period of fruit trees for more than 5 days, thus avoiding frost damage.

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