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Antifreezing Measures in Winter and Spring

1. Freeze-proof irrigation water

Irrigation of frost-proof water before winter and return to green water in spring are beneficial to improve the water status of trees and buffer the changes of temperature difference and air humidity in orchards caused by sudden climate changes in winter and spring.

2. Whitening

Salt lime emulsion was prepared with salt 1 kg + quicklime 3.5-5 kg + water 45 kg to whiten the trunk, reduce the absorption of solar energy and delay tree germination.

3. Spraying

Spraying 0.25%-0.5% Naphthalene Acetate Potassium Salt solution on the branches before germination inhibited flower bud germination and improved cold resistance.

Spraying 0.3%-0.6% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution on germinating fruit trees before the cold of late spring and the coming of late frost can enhance the cold resistance of stamens.

4. Antifreeze Fluid for Tree Coating

A protective film (such as carboxylic methyl cellulose) was coated on the surface of trees to reduce water loss.

5. Plastic film mulching

Before or after the winter or Spring Festival, covering 1-2 square meters of plastic film around the tree disc with soil to bury the film tightly can reduce root water evaporation and increase soil temperature.

6. Windbreak

Before winter, an arc-shaped windbreak wall 1-1.5 m long was built at the windward side of the tree body 0.5 m away from the tree cadres to reduce the damage of the cold wind to the roots.

7. Covering the whole garden with plastic film

The whole garden is covered with plastic film after clearing the garden, which can not only prevent freezing, conserve moisture, promote early growth of trees and control weeds, but also improve the yield of fruit trees and go to market early.

8. Ignition of orchards antifrost candles

If you manage an orchard in cold weather, you need to be prepared for this difficult task. You need to buy enough orchards antifrost candles in advance. Orchard managers usually choose to order orchards antifrost candles around October and receive it just in time for the cold.

orchards antifrost candles

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