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Winter orchard management fruit trees for frost damage

In winter orchards, fruit trees are in the midst of hibernation, and fruit trees are in reserve. During the winter dormancy of fruit trees, there is not much work to be done, but to prevent freezing damage, only the safe wintering is not affected by freezing, and the fruit trees can only bloom normally in the second year, and it is possible to produce high yields.

1. Fertilize as soon as possible, deep fertilization, and apply enough base fertilizer.

After the fruit trees are flowering, especially after picking the fruit in autumn, the nutrients in the fruit trees are basically exhausted and become weak. If the fruit tree at this time is insufficient, it will be easy to cause freezing damage, and the fruit tree that leaves the base fertilizer will survive the winter smoothly. Even if the frost damage occurs, it will naturally heal. Therefore, the base fertilizer can be applied early and applied early.

2. Pour the frozen water before freezing.

In the fruit trees in winter, the nutrients in the body will flow back from the tree to the roots. In the spring of the second year, after the temperature is suitable, the nutrients in the roots will re-flow to the branches and leaves, and the fruit trees will resume growth. Before freezing on the soil, it is necessary to pour the frozen water. The frozen water can further decompose and fertilize the nutrients of the base fertilizer, so that the roots can absorb nutrients more quickly.

3. The orchard floor is covered with insulation layer to ensure water retention and antifreeze.

After the orchard is filled with water, it can be covered with straw, straw or wheat bran, chaff, etc. on the surface of the orchard. This will not only reduce the loss of soil moisture in the garden, but also increase the ground temperature, so that the roots of the fruit trees are not affected by the cold current.

4. The tree is painted white.

The whitening of the tree can play a very good role in preventing cold and freezing, especially on the trunk of the disease and the trunk of the fruit tree.

5. Pay attention to the weather changes. Before the cold air or cold current comes, antifreeze treatment is carried out by burning grass smoke, spreading lime, spraying antifreeze, and igniting anti-frost candles.

anti-frost candles

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