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Antifreeze main measures

1. Establish a suitable microclimate environment. The cultivation of citrus on the slopes of Qiulin should choose the southern slope of the shelter from the wind; the flat garden should be built with windbreaks in the east, north and west of the orange garden. The wind-proof forest can be used for evergreen trees such as camphor and privet.

2. Choose citrus varieties with strong cold resistance. Citrus genus - citrus subgenus evergreen fruit tree, its variety, the difference in cold resistance between varieties is also very large. Among the citrus varieties that have been planted locally, the cold resistance is from strong to weak: Wenzhou mandarin, Nanfeng tangerine, ponkan, navel orange, orange (hybrid orange and orange), pomelo. When planting selected varieties, navel oranges, oranges and pomelo cannot be developed in large areas.

3. Apply base fertilizer at the right time. The time for the citrus application of the base fertilizer should be completed locally from late October to mid-November. Too early to promote the late autumn bud, consumption of nutrients to reduce the cold resistance of the tree, too late due to low temperature is not conducive to root wound healing.

4. Irrigation in the garden. Into the middle and late November, the citrus began to be filled with water, and the soil in the garden should be kept moist in the absence of rain in winter. According to the weather forecast, refill the water once every 3-5 days before the cold wave.

5. Plant the main pole with white soil. The main pole is whitened with 30-40% lime liquid, and the ground plant and the grafting interface of the rootstock are soiled, and the soil pile is more than 30 cm high. Applying white soil can reduce the degree of damage caused by melting snow and the occurrence of post-freezing crack disease. You can also use lime 10 kg plus stone sulfur mixture slag 1 kg, add salt 0.2 kg, add water 40-60 kg, plus tung oil 0.1 kg to form a whitening agent, brush the trunk to the first layer of the main branch, to be painted white After the agent is dried, the trunk is wrapped with a film.

6. Remove snow from the canopy. When encountering heavy snow, shake the canopy branches in time to shake off the snow on the crown to prevent the snow from breaking the branches.

7. Smoke smoke increases. According to the weather forecast, the smoke is warming up before the cold is coming. The fumigation material can be used for weeds, crop straws, etc., 4-6 piles per acre. The freezing usually occurs in the early hours of the morning, and the smoke can be ignited at 10-11 o'clock in the evening.

8. Ignite anti-frost candles. According to the local temperature changes, prepare enough anti-freeze candles before the freezing season, ignite the anti-freeze candles at the coming time, burn more than 8 hours per night, and replace the appropriate anti-freeze candles according to the temperature the next day.

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