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What kind of fruit trees are vulnerable to freezing damage?

The first type: weak tree

Fruit trees, like humans, are related to whether the body is strong or not. After the fall of the fruit trees in autumn, the nutrients return to the tree body, which serves as the reserve nutrients of the tree body for the flower bud differentiation of the coming year. If the tree reserves insufficient nutrients and the tree is weak, the ability to resist cold and drought will decline.

In the cold weather, the cells lose swell pressure, the tissue is soft, the surface is water-stained at first, the bark layer is browned or the whole skin becomes brown and dry, the bark is cracked, and the main branches of the saplings and trees are dead and extremely Easy to be infected by germs.

When the temperature rises, the bacteria will multiply and cause many secondary diseases, such as kiwi, citrus, sweet orange canker, apple rot, round rot, peach tree, cherry bacterial perforation, stolon root rot, etc. .

Second: young trees

The saplings themselves have weaker trees, poor cold resistance, and are susceptible to freezing damage. In the late growth stage, a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer was applied, the number of watering was too much, the growth of the tree was too strong, and the growth stopped late in the autumn, so that the energy reserve of the winter was insufficient, and the formed protective tissue was not developed, which was prone to freezing damage.

Third: fruit trees without obvious dormancy

The deciduous fruit trees with obvious dormancy period have strong cold resistance ability, while the subtropical evergreen fruit trees such as citrus, sweet orange and honey pomelo have no obvious dormancy period, have low resistance to low temperature and are susceptible to freezing damage. This is why fruit trees in the north are generally deciduous trees with distinct dormancy.

If your fruit trees belong to one of them, you must be well prepared to prevent the fruit trees from being frozen. We are a professional against spring frost candles manufacturer. If you want to know how to use anti-frost candles, please leave a message to us.

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