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Keep the fruit trees warm enough to survive the winter

In the twinkling of an eye, when winter arrives, it must not be cultivated in the ground, like some fruit trees begin to enter dormancy. The old farmer who knows how to do it will pay special attention to this dormant period, because this time is the key period for the fruit tree to restore the tree. Only when it is restored, the new year will only take a new branch to grow better and the fruit will be more. However, during the winter and the cold spring, the care of the fruit trees is very particular, because the weather changes greatly and the temperature difference is large. If you don't pay attention, it may cause problems such as freezing and cracking of the fruit trees. If it is serious, the fruits will wither and the aging will be irreparable. problem. Therefore, the fruit farmers must take advantage of the comprehensive preparation work to help the fruit survive the winter. The following old farmers have summed up a few good methods, remember to use them. To keep the fruit trees warm enough to survive the winter, these antifreeze methods are learned.

1. Do a good job of keeping the fruit trees warm in advance according to the weather. During this period, pay close attention to the changes in the weather. For example, if the weather forecast says that it may snow in the near future, then it is necessary to protect the fruit trees before snowing. I waited until the day of the snow to prepare, so that everything is late, and it is the top priority of the winter fruit trees for the winter.

2. Spraying foliar fertilizer on fruit trees, the more mature fruit trees are more resistant to wind and snow, so this time, some young shoots can be sprayed with foliar fertilizer to promote the occurrence of photosynthesis, allowing them to grow faster and resist. It has also become stronger.

3. Covering the fruit trees, this is a very common method of logistics and cold shelter. It is possible to cover the fruit trees with waterproof materials such as non-woven fabrics, films, and water-coating cloths. of. But pay attention to timely drainage, otherwise it may be pressed to the canopy.

4. The roots are cultivated, and the fruit trees grow in the roots, so all the roots must be treated. First, the roots can be soiled, so that the roots exposed to the outside are few, so they will be blown by the cold wind. It will be opened again in the spring of next year, and it will be fat.

5. Whitening agent, before and after winter, use lime, sulfur powder, etc. to adjust into a semi-thick solution, and then brush on the trunk, so as to protect against some pests and diseases, and protect the trunk surface from being blown by the wind.

6. Pouring frozen water, generally speaking, the frozen water is carried out before snowing. This time must be mastered, because premature irrigation is useless, all evaporation, too late irrigation, the fruit trees may have been frozen. Therefore, it is generally recommended to fill the water when the daytime temperature is 3°. After the irrigation, it is necessary to cover the soil of the orchard with straw, hay, etc., to play a role of heat preservation.

7. Reserve a sufficient number of anti-frost candles before the arrival of winter. Anti-frost candles have become increasingly popular in antifreeze measures in recent years. If you are learning from other orchard managers, you will be inspired. Why are more and more orchard managers starting to choose anti frost candles to keep the trees warm? Obviously, this is a cost-effective method. This not only consumes a relatively small amount of manpower, but also guarantees that you have a sweet dream on a cold night. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and book our anti frost candles when the weather is not too cold.

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