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How to against spring frost for your orchards?

1. Heating antifreeze is a more advanced and effective method in modern antifreeze technology. A heater is placed at a certain distance in the orchard, and the ignition is warmed before the freezing damage occurs, so that the lower air is warmed up and rises, while the upper air having a higher temperature is lowered, and a heating layer is formed around the fruit trees, which can generally be improved. Temperature 1~2 °C.

2. Before the frost comes (when the temperature in the park is close to 0 °C), use sawdust, wheat bran, broken straw or orchard weeds to alternately accumulate as fuel, stack the thin layer of soil or use smoke agent (2) Part of ammonium nitrate, 7 parts of sawdust, 1 part of diesel is fully mixed, packed in paper tube, plus moisture-proof film) to ignite smoke. The smoke stack is placed at the upper vent of the orchard, generally 4 to 6 piles per acre orchard (the size and number of the smoke pile depends on the frost intensity and duration). The time of fumigation starts from 0 o'clock in the night to 3 o'clock in the next day. It is better to use dark smoke to make the smoke fill the whole orchard. When it is dawn, it can stop the smoke.

3. Cover the tree with straw before the cold current, just as the human body wears clothes to protect the cold. Due to the covering of plant fibers, the long-wave radiation of the surface and the tree under the grass is hindered, and the radiation cooling is reduced, thereby achieving the anti-freezing effect. For the small tree, it is best to use the film and straw to cover the antifreeze effect. It is worth noting that the use of a sunshade net to cover the tree body has basically no anti-freezing effect, and should not be used as an anti-freezing measure for fruit trees.

4. Use 10 kg of quicklime, 1 kg of sulfur powder, 0.2 kg of salt, add 30-40 kg of water, stir evenly, mix into a paste, brush the trunk, and apply to the apples, peaches, pears, etc. that enter the fruiting period. At 1.5 meters, especially important branches and roots and necks are the focus of painting.

5. 1~2 days before the cold current, the fruit trees sprayed with brassene 481 and Tianda 2116, which can effectively alleviate the sudden drop of the orchard temperature or regulate the cell membrane permeability, and can better prevent freezing damage. Spraying fruit tree antifreeze plus PBO solution 500~1000 times each, the antifreeze effect is better. You can also spray homemade antifreeze (8 parts agar, 3 parts of glycerin, 43 parts of glucose, 44 parts of sucrose, 2 parts of nutrients such as NPK. Soak the agar with a small amount of water for 2 hours, then heat to dissolve, then add the rest. It can be used after mixing evenly, and the spraying concentration is 5000~8000 times.

6. The above antifreeze measures are not only cumbersome but also costly. In China, it is very important for the orchard to choose a cost-effective method: set up anti-freeze candles. Because you don't have to prepare before the cold weather arrives, and you can use it in time.

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