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How to protect your fruit trees anti freeze?

The climatic environment has deteriorated in recent years, especially the extremely cold weather in winter in some areas has brought severe challenges to the management of orchards. So, in the extremely cold environment, what should we do to make the orchard smooth and safe for winter?

In general, improving the anti-freezing ability of fruit trees can mainly be done from the following aspects:

Antifreeze management measures

1. Fertilization restores the tree

After fruit picking, use quick-acting fertilizer to water the roots, or combine with foliar spray to supplement nutrients, promote fruit trees to quickly restore the tree potential, increase nutrient accumulation, make the tree grow robust and enhance cold resistance.

The specific requirements are: 0.2-0.3 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate plus 0.5 kg of urea per acre or 100 kg of high-grade compound fertilizer and 100 kg of water for external application. Then re-apply organic fertilizer, generally applied to the decomposed organic fertilizer in the proportion of pounds of fruit and fertilizer.

The fertilization method is as follows: one is to adopt the annular fertilization method (that is, to dig the annular groove at the tree drip line), and the second is to adopt the radial fertilization method (that is, to dig 4-5 pieces of the drip line at the drip line): the third is to take the strip groove Fertilization method (digging 2 to 4 straight grooves at the drip line), the depth is about 30 cm.

2. The soil

Combine the trimming of the clearing garden, the tillage and fertilization, and select the pond mud, river mud, field soil, etc., and the soil of the root neck tree is 20-30 cm thick.

3. Protect the tree

Covering the crown: The whole plant of the young tree is wrapped with straw, and the tree is covered with a film awning to prevent direct frostbite of the branches and leaves.

Protect the main branch of the trunk. Wrap the straw or woven bag to reduce the temperature difference and prevent frostbite.

4. Timely artificial antifreeze

Chemical antifreeze: Before the onset of low temperature, spray antifreeze on the canopy, promote the accumulation of sugar in the cell, inhibit the water transpiration of the leaves, reduce the heat loss of the tree body, and reduce the degree of frost damage.

Physical antifreeze: First, irrigation or water spray insulation. It is necessary to pay attention to the weather forecast. 10-20 days before the low temperature is cold, the orchard is fully flooded, and the canopy is sprayed with water during the frosting period to reduce the freezing damage with water insulation. The second is the increase in smoke. Before the frost is reduced, use firewood, wood chips, chaff, straw, etc. to ignite and smoke the smoke. Set 4-6 smoked tobacco piles per acre orchard to form a smoke screen over the orchard to suppress radiation frosting. At the same time, the orchard can be made. Directly increase temperature and reduce frost damage. The third is set anti freeze candles around your fruit trees. You can buy or bulk from antifreeze candle factory at lower price. Our antifrost candles can burn about 8 hours.

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