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Wine-maker light 750 antifrost candles to protect vines from spring frost

Wine-makers at vineyard light 750 antifrost candles at midnight to protect vines from spring frost.

From a distance it may look like an alien invasion but these surreal images are actually of 750 small antifrost candles on the ground.

The pictures show a vineyard illuminated by flames; a unique technique to keep grape vines safe in cold weather.

Lit in the depths of night, a series of candle are placed under the vines to protect them from the latest cold snap of the year.

A team of three worked through the night to place a whopping 750 small against frost candles on the ground, which help to raise the temperature enough so that frost doesn't settle.

The team lit the vineyard by candlelight in order to ward off the potentially dangerous frost that could kill the vines.

Even though the small against frost candles only change the air temperature by the odd degree, this is enough to create air movement and stop the frost from taking hold around the vines.

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